About Kristen Rodriguez

Kristen Rodriguez started her career as a trial attorney for the Los Angeles City Attorneys’ Office. During her time at MLG, she represented a wide range of clients on consumer issues, including violations of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act as well as prosecuting national class action cases against General Motors, Volkswagen and BMW.

E-Signing the Way to Increased Profits

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In the mobile era, signing a contract is as simple as a swipe, click and tap.  Unless you are a dealer.  Federal law authorizes electronic contracts and signatures; yet the California Uniform Electronic Transactions Act prohibits electronic signatures on new or used auto sales and lease agreements, making California the only state to where dealers – [...]

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The Cost of “Free” Advertising

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Published March 8, 2016, Dealer's Voice -There’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? In the world of business and selling cars, there is a whole lot of truth to this age-old adage. If a dealership isn’t careful about how it uses the word "free" in an advertisement, that ad could cost it a lot more [...]

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