Investor’s Paradise

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Published July 19, Los Angeles Daily Journal - If one were to take a guess as to the strongest asset class for investment, considerations such as fine art, rare wine or blue-chip stocks might come to mind. Investment banking powerhouses across the country have long had client portfolios chocked-full of traditional-based instruments, all confident that the [...]

Driving to Recessionary Times

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Published June 19, 2018, Los Angeles Daily Journal - As a society, we tend to have short memories, or in some cases, no memories at all. It is difficult to imagine, but 2018 will usher in a new class of young millennials who are, for the most part, complete strangers to the Great Recession. 2009 marks the [...]

The Long And The Short Of It

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Published May 15, 2018, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Electric car manufacturer Tesla has been called many things: a newcomer, a disrupter, a game-changer, and among many others, the company that revolutionized an industry not fond of revolution. And while receiving all of these well-deserved accolades, it is equally deserving of another descriptive title: financial catastrophe. This [...]

A Development in Progress

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Published April 24, 2018, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Last month, two U.S. citizens lost their lives to autonomous vehicles: Elaine Herzberg, who was struck by a self-driving Uber in Tempe, Arizona and Walter Huang, whose autonomously driven Tesla Model X hit a freeway concrete divider in Mountain View, California. The two incidents ignited a fiery debate [...]


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Published January 9, 2018, Los Angeles Daily Journal - This week, the 51st rendition of the Consumer Electronics Show will rain down on the desert, Las Vegas style. Originated in 1967 as a small offshoot of the Chicago Music Show, CES has blossomed into the largest convention Las Vegas holds, by a long shot. With 2.4 million [...]

Will They Make The Turn?

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Published December 6, 2017, Los Angeles Daily Journal - There once existed a time when the financial question of the day was whether Tesla’s stock would ever fall from its dizzying height of $395 per share. For a car company that only sold its first car nine years ago, and that has never turned a profit, [...]

It’s Harder Than It Looks

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Published November 8, 2017, Los Angeles Daily Journal - This past summer, Tesla accomplished the unimaginable: It became the most valuable car company in the nation, surpassing both General Motors and Ford in total market value. With a market cap of $66 billion, Tesla stunned an industry that has high barriers to entry and is steeped in [...]

When Will They Stop?

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Published October 10, 2017, Los Angeles Daily Journal- Last week, Nissan added its name to a long list of automotive manufacturers who have been ensnared in public controversy over corporate malfeasance and the cars it sells to the consuming public. In an unprecedented move, Nissan announced that it was recalling every car it sold in Japan [...]

The Truth About Lithium

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Published August 1, 2017, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Lithium – the natural resource mined from the Earth’s crust – is perhaps the best-known commodity that people know the least about. Yet with multiple sovereign states betting their future on an industry bustling with electric vehicles, failure to understand the world’s order on the non-renewable element could [...]

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