The Company Without a Soul

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Published July 7, 2014, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Last week, General Motors announced the establishment of its “victim compensation fund” — a pool of money that it will offer to the scores of people it killed and maimed over the past 10 years with its defective products. The underpinnings of the plan rest on GM’s company-wide [...]

Moments of Atrocity

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Published June 3, 2014, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Sometimes, good can only rise from depths of pure evil. We are safer today with air travel because of the atrocity of September 11. We were casual with our security screening, and innocent lives were stolen from their families because of it. Nothing can be done to unwind [...]

The Evil That Men Do

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Published March 4, 2014, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Sometimes people engage in acts so vile, they begin to erode our belief in all that is right and just. Acts of corporate irresponsibility are nothing new; wayward executives have long put profitability and success ahead of moral correctness. But some decisions are just so reckless, it is [...]

So, You Think You’re Safe

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Published July 2, 2013, Los Angeles Daily Journal - It is astonishing, when you think about it. On a near-daily basis, most of us step into some form of automotive transportation without giving a single thought to the integrity of the vehicle. We go to great lengths to ensure that we are protected and secured in the [...]

An Industry Lost

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Published May 1, 2012, Los Angeles Daily Journal - If anything, America’s greatest asset is its ability to innovate.  Our nation’s fabric is woven from unconventional thinking and the courage to dream.  From this, we have introduced to the world everything from motion pictures to commercial aviation to hip-hop; and often times before the dust settles we [...]

Troubles with the New Fuel Regulations Sure to Come

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Published September 6, 2011, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Last month, President Barack Obama announced his ambitious overhaul to the Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or the CAFE standards, for consumer cars and trucks – a move that will dramatically change the landscape of the automobile industry for decades to come.  With as much fanfare as could be [...]

How Soon We Forget

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Published May 3, 2011, Los Angeles Daily Journal - On the one year anniversary of the $16 million fine imposed against Toyota – the largest fine ever levied by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) against an automobile manufacturer – little has been done to change the system that allowed the problem to exist in [...]

How Many More Have to Die?

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Published March 7, 2011, Los Angeles Daily Journal - It’s interesting how our mindset on vehicle safety has shifted so dramatically over the last several decades.  Many of us grew up in an era where seatbelts were seldom thought of, and even more rarely used; and other safety measures, such as mandatory child-seats, were not even a [...]

Do It for the Kids

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Published March 7, 2011, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Few things in life are more tragic than the loss of an innocent young life.  There is just something about the playful innocence, the insatiable curiosity, and yes, the mischief and trouble that causes our society to go to great lengths to protect our young.  It is because [...]

Up in Smoke: GM and the Obama Administration’s Public Relations Nightmare

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Published January 5, 2012, Los Angeles Daily Journal -  The plan was seemingly perfect.  Put all of America’s might behind the emerging electric car industry and help the U.S. automakers reclaim their place as global leaders.  GM was positioned to be first to market with its Chevrolet Volt – the car would pave the way for the [...]

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