A Development in Progress

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Last month, two U.S. citizens lost their lives to autonomous vehicles: Elaine Herzberg, who was struck by a self-driving Uber in Tempe, Arizona and Walter Huang, whose autonomously driven Tesla Model X hit a freeway concrete divider in Mountain View, California. The two incidents ignited a fiery debate on the issue of autonomous vehicles, and their [...]

Selling Cars in Tomorrowland

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There are certain things that come around every once-in-a-while that change life as we know it. Businesses were never the same after having been introduced to the fax machine, unlocking a world of reviewing and signing documents in an instant. Apple’s iPhone engulfed us in a creed of mono-communication, leaving a generation of citizens impervious to [...]

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Uber’s Worst Nightmare

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It’s hard to imagine that things could have gotten worse. Earlier this year, ride-share giant Uber Technologies was hit with a bevy of class actions over claims that the company was fraudulently advertising its cars as the “safest rides on the road.” Citing to a string of rapes and assaults by Uber drivers, the lawsuits allege [...]

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