MLG’s team of experienced auto lawyers and business litigation attorneys are responsible for filing some of the most significant automotive class action cases in our nation’s history. This includes, among many others, the GM ignition switch claim, the Volkswagen diesel emissions claim, and the Uber fraudulent business practices case.

Our experienced auto lawyers have a deep understanding of the nation’s motor vehicle laws, and how they play into the nation’s automotive recall system. Under federal law, carmakers are required to immediately recall a vehicle once a safety defect is discovered. Unfortunately, however, many manufacturers refuse to issue recalls putting the public at significant risk.

The failure to follow these motor vehicle laws can be devastating to the public, leading to death or catastrophic injury of innocent motorists. Our team of experienced auto lawyers have sought to hold these manufacturers responsible by filing automotive class action cases. We have also represented numerous families in wrongful death suits and wrongful death claims against manufacturers which resulted from their refusal to follow the nation’s motor vehicle laws.


On March 21, 2014, MLG’s team of auto lawyers filed a class action lawsuit against General Motors, alleging that the company fraudulently covered up a deadly ignition switch defect in its vehicles for 13 years.

The event shocked the automotive world, and resulted in GM CEO Mary Barra having to appear at a Congressional hearing to answer questions about why GM violated the federal motor vehicle laws, and covered up the deadly defect for 13 years.

Having filed the class action that challenged GM’s illegal conduct, MLG’s founding member, Jonathan Michaels, attended the Congressional hearings. After filing the class action and attending the Congressional hearings, Michaels was interviewed extensively by numerous media sources, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and CBS Evening News.


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