After you contact us, our team of auto lawyers will review the motor vehicle laws of your state, and determine the strength of your potential wrongful death suit or wrongful death claim. If we decide that it is in your best interest to pursue a wrongful death suit, we will offer to file a claim on your behalf on a contingency fee basis. A “contingency fee” is an amount that will be freely negotiated between us and you (it is not set by law) that will allow us to get paid at the end of the case out of the total recovery. If we decide you should move forward with your wrongful death suit, we would also pay for all the expenses on the case, and also recover these expenses out of the ultimate recovery. You will need a strong wrongful death attorney to evaluate the claim.

In the event our auto lawyers are unsuccessful in obtaining a recovery for you on your wrongful death suit, you will owe us nothing for our time, and you will not be required to reimburse us for any expenses incurred on the matter. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.