Jorge Alvarado, M.L.S.


Jorge Alvarado is originally from Los Angeles, CA. He began his educational journey at El Camino College and received his Associates of Science degree in Administration of Justice.

After graduating from El Camino, he moved to Orange County to attend Cal State Fullerton where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, with a minor in Criminal Justice.

During his time at Cal State Fullerton, he volunteered with multiple political campaigns which included the race for the 39th Congressional District of California, and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. He has volunteered and worked for many grassroots campaigns who were dedicated to educating and improving the lives of his community.

Jorge was accepted for an internship position at the Orange County Board of Supervisors, a position which required applicants to go through a competitive and rigorous application process. While interning at the Board of Supervisors, he was recognized by the State of California and the County of Orange for his work and dedication.

His legal career consists of working as a paralegal in the realms of Immigration & Criminal Law, and most recently, in Civil Litigation. He also has been involved with many community organizations aiming to reform the criminal justice system.

His greatest accomplishment is obtaining his Master of Legal Studies degree from Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, at Arizona State University. He is the first in his family to do so. He plans on pursuing his Juris Doctorate degree, with aims in becoming an attorney at law.

In his spare time, he enjoys being with friends and family. He loves to learn, travel, and volunteer his time to help those in need. He is also a big animal lover. He is part of several community organizations including the Orangewood Foundation, and Project Rebound.

Overall, Jorge is an enthusiastic and ambitious person with plans to change the world in the best way he can, by giving a voice to the unheard and making sure that justice prevails. He takes immense pride in his work and is grateful to be part of the MLG Team.


  • Master of Legal Studies- Arizona State University- Class of 2021
  • Bachelor of Arts- Philosophy w/ minor in criminal justice- Class of 2020
  • Associates in Science- Administration of Justice- Class of 2017

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