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MLG’s team of trial lawyers is responsible for filing some of the most notable class action cases in the automotive industry – cases which have led to Congressional hearings, Department of Justice investigations and billion-dollar settlements.

MLG has litigated cases against nearly every major auto manufacturer in the world, resulting in substantial verdicts and settlements. We have also filed some of the most notable automotive class action cases in the nation such as:

Our experienced automotive lawyers have a unique understanding of the nation’s motor vehicle laws, and how they play into the automotive recall system. Under federal law, carmakers are required to immediately recall a vehicle once a safety defect is discovered. Unfortunately, however, many manufacturers fail to discharge this duty, putting the public at significant risk.

MLG has sought to hold these manufacturers responsible by filing class actions, demanding compliance with the recall system and seeking punitive damages to prevent future misconduct. Our cases have involved millions of vehicles across multiple manufacturers, and have had a substantial impact on increasing corporate responsibility and promoting public safety.

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Notable Class Action Cases

Apple Texting and Driving

Apple puts profit before consumer safety. According to the filing, the company has had the technology to prevent texting and driving since 2008 – and even received a patent on it in 2014 – but refuses to use it over concerns that it will lose market share to other phone-makers who do not limit consumer use.

The destruction created by the practice is enormous. The lawsuit claims that, based on data provided by the Federal Highway Administration and the California Highway Patrol, Apple’s iPhones are responsible for 52,000 automobile accidents in California each year, and an average of 312 deaths. Julio Ceja of Costa Mesa, California was injured in an accident caused by a driver who was on her iPhone. The class action is brought on behalf of all California residents, and seeks to halt all iPhone sales in the state until the lock-out device is employed.

Final Outcome

Just days before Julio’s trial was to commence, Apple released a long anticipated update to their iphone software that addressed many of the concerns associated in the class action. True to our mission, we hold manufacturers responsible for the products they sell and to change this industry; even if that puts us out of business.

Ever Since

“Since that time, I have made it my mission in life to stand up for families who are not able to fight for themselves and to hold automakers responsible for the products they sell. Through this, we have changed policies, forced the recall of defective vehicles and helped deliver justice to those in need.”

-Jonathan Michaels

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