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MLG leverages its unique understanding of the inner workings of the automotive industry and extensive knowledge of the federal recall system to hold manufacturers responsible for their defective vehicles.
While many firms claim to handle vehicle defects cases, MLG dedicates 90 percent of its practice to this highly specialized area.

MLG has a unique understanding of the inner workings of the automotive industry, and how the industry-specific laws impact both commerce and conflict. We have extensive knowledge of the federal recall system, and specifically how to hold manufacturers responsible for their defective vehicles. We use this knowledge to litigate cases against billion-dollar companies, forcing them to stand behind their products and be accountable for the damage they cause:

In our effort to deliver full justice to our clients, our experienced trial lawyers have litigated cases against nearly every auto manufacturer, in a variety of states throughout the nation, resulting in multi-million-dollar recoveries in numerous jurisdictions.  Common automotive defects we address include: Car fires, child seats, seatback failure, tire separation, seatbelt failure, auto-pilot failure, roof crush, and airbag malfunctions.

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Scarred for Life

Patricia McClanahan deserved safety, yet when she lost control of her vehicle and violently collided into a wall, her Kia Forte’s seatbelt system and front airbags failed to engage and deploy. As a result, her head suddenly and brutally slammed into the interior of the vehicle. She was transported by ambulance to Ventura County Medical Center wher she was treated for severe injuries that included a sizable laceration to her forehead requiring 35 stiches.

Had the Forte’s airbag deployed and the seatbelt system successfully engaged, her injuries would have been far less severe. As a direct result of the accident, Patricia suffered permanent scarring and disfigurement to her forehead and the top of her head.

Final Outcome

Patricia was able to obtain restitution for her injuries and losses which has helped her to move forward with her life. Unfortunately, recalls for defective airbags and seatbelt systems have continued to increase and now compromise the safety of millions of cars on the road today. We continue to fight to hold these many manufacturers responsible for the damage they do to people just like Patricia.


“I didn’t know that my car would fail me in that way. Jonathan has specific expertise in this law, with dealing with car manufacturers – he knows the industry. I don’t think I could have found that with any other attorney. I was just impressed with their professionalism. I would absolutely recommend MLG.”

-Patricia McClanahan

Patricia McClanahan Interview

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