Forecast Calls for Compliance

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Published February 15, 2019, Dealer's Voice - In the compliance world, it’s impossible to prepare for every possibility. However, you can look for trends and leanings and bet on outcomes. In preparing for 2019, here are some things you may want to consider. Federal Activity The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection isn't going anywhere. Notwithstanding the [...]

Play by the Book

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Published February 15, 2019, Dealer's Voice - Most plaintiffs suing dealerships list as many violations as possible in the hope that at least one will stick. In a recent case, a car buyer alleged five violations in his complaint against the dealership where he bought and financed his car, and all five of them stuck. Keep [...]

Mind the GAP

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Published February 15, 2019, Dealer's Voice - GAP policies are often important to auto credit customers, especially those who can't afford to continue making payments when their cars are total losses and they are under water on the financing. They are also important to dealers, who have found it increasingly hard to make money without revenue [...]

Test Drive Liability: Dealers Beware

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Who is liable when a customer negligently causes an accident during a test drive: the customer who actually caused the accident, or the dealer who merely allowed the customer to test drive the car? Last month, a Colorado Court of Appeal answered this question, unanimously finding that the dealer was responsible for the damage caused by the customer’s negligence. The case, American [...]

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