Stop Sale Orders on Used Vehicles: The New Dilemma

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Over the last 18-months, we have entered what could be deemed the era of the recall. NHTSA reports that 2014 was a record breaking year for recalls, with more than 800 recalls, effecting nearly 64 million vehicles. These numbers are not slowing in 2015. 2015 finds NHTSA cracking down on manufacturers who fail to timely issue recalls. In May 2014, NHTSA announced it was [...]

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Tesla’s Federal Showdown

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Published May 8, 2014, Los Angeles Daily Journal - For thousands of automotive dealers across the United States, the dealer franchise system is as sacred as they come. Established at the turn of the 20th century as the mechanism for automakers to distribute their products to the masses, U.S. dealers have served as the blueprint for how cars [...]

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So, You Think You’re Safe

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Published July 2, 2013, Los Angeles Daily Journal - It is astonishing, when you think about it. On a near-daily basis, most of us step into some form of automotive transportation without giving a single thought to the integrity of the vehicle. We go to great lengths to ensure that we are protected and secured in the [...]

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How Soon We Forget

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Published May 3, 2011, Los Angeles Daily Journal - On the one year anniversary of the $16 million fine imposed against Toyota – the largest fine ever levied by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) against an automobile manufacturer – little has been done to change the system that allowed the problem to exist in [...]

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The Appropriateness of Toyota’s Gas Pedal Recall

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Published February 10, 2010, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Is Toyota’s widely-publicized gas pedal recall the appropriate remedy that everyone has been waiting for, or is this merely a quick-fix approach to cover up a deeper rooted problem with its runaway cars?  One thing is sure: With sales of eight models halted, and its pristine image for [...]

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