MLG Featured in the Daily Journal

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CAR GUYS On August 22nd, MLG was profiled by the Daily Journal.  The article headline reads “The Car Guys,” and outlines the company’s history in automotive defect cases and specifically the case that forever changed Jonathan Michael’s life.  It includes quotes from Sr. Trial Attorney Christopher Henderson, highlighting his career and personal background. The [...]

The Electric Car Myth

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Published February 5, 2013, Los Angeles Daily Journal - In truth, it never really had the potential many had hoped for.  Supporters were hoping that the electric car would be the regeneration of an industry, but boundless enthusiasm could not replace the state of technology and sound economic principles. Until recently, profit seekers were throwing money at anything [...]

The $1 Million Question

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Published August 8, 2011, Los Angeles Daily Journal - The automobile dealer network is one of the oldest and most established franchise systems in our nation’s history, dating back to the dawn of the 20th century when businessmen with a pioneering spirit saw a future that others did not.  Through the use of the sprawling dealer network, [...]

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