Dealerships in the Mobility Age

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The technology for autonomous vehicles grows daily, and the race is on to see who will own this software. Manufacturers know the threat technology poses. Why else would GM have invested $500 million in Lyft? Or Toyota contract with Uber? The challenge to be first is difficult, especially when competing with Google and Apple. Will factories [...]

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Generation Next

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Published April 4, 2017, Los Angeles Daily Journal - There once existed a time when our teenage youth dreamt wildly of the car they someday hoped to own, adorning their bedroom walls with posters of European exotics and American muscle. Getting your driver’s license was as much of a rite of passage as any, exposing our budding [...]

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The Billion Dollar Blunder

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Published February 7, 2012, Los Angeles Daily Journal - How could everything go so wrong when all was supposed to be so right?  The year was 2008, and legendary sports car manufacturer Porsche was in its zone.  The iconic 911 was more popular than ever, and with the addition of a sports utility vehicle and a soon-to-be-released [...]

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The Pain is Far From Over

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Published October 4, 2011, Los Angeles Daily Journal - There are certain moments in a nation’s history that define generations and forge the creed by which we live.  The scars left by the Great Depression are still clearly visible.  Those present in the 1960s can likely recall where they were when they learned that President John F. Kennedy [...]

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The $1 Million Question

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Published August 8, 2011, Los Angeles Daily Journal - The automobile dealer network is one of the oldest and most established franchise systems in our nation’s history, dating back to the dawn of the 20th century when businessmen with a pioneering spirit saw a future that others did not.  Through the use of the sprawling dealer network, [...]

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