Automotive Weaponry

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Published January 4, 2017, Los Angeles Daily Journal - War used to be such a simple concept; tragic to be sure, but nevertheless fundamentally simple. A set of opposing troops would march toward one another, firing bullets into the faces of the other, with the last one standing claiming sovereign victory. War was always a matter of [...]

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Uber’s Worst Nightmare

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Published July 8, 2015, Los Angeles Daily Journal - It’s hard to imagine that things could have gotten worse. Earlier this year, ride-share giant Uber Technologies was hit with a bevy of class actions over claims that the company was fraudulently advertising its cars as the “safest rides on the road.” Citing to a string of rapes [...]

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Getting It Right

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Published March 3, 2015, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Last week, a senate committee passed legislation that promises to revolutionize automotive safety. The bill gives whistleblowers who report automotive safety issues to the federal government 30 percent of all fines paid by the automaker that exceed $1 million. The Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Act (S.304) was introduced [...]

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An Uber Mess

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Published January 6, 2015, Los Angeles Daily Journal - By now, most consumers have likely heard of, or used, Uber — the ride-sharing app that is doing its best to reform the taxi industry. In what has become known as a “peer-to-peer economy,” Uber connects ride-seeking consumers with drivers who provide transportation in their private cars. The [...]

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The Love of All Things Ferrari

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Published April 3, 2013, Los Angeles Daily Journal -  When one of the most rare and beloved cars on the planet gets wrapped around a tree, the automotive community weeps.  When the accident is caused by a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and an Assistant United States Attorney, the world takes notice. Introduced in [...]

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