Forecast Calls for Compliance

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Published February 15, 2019, Dealer's Voice - In the compliance world, it’s impossible to prepare for every possibility. However, you can look for trends and leanings and bet on outcomes. In preparing for 2019, here are some things you may want to consider. Federal Activity The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection isn't going anywhere. Notwithstanding the [...]

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The Future of Privacy

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Published February 13, 2018, Los Angeles Daily Journal - It all started with Cadillac really. In 1996, General Motors introduced the Cadillac OnStar system — an onboard communication system that linked active drivers with a GM call center — and with that the world of consumer privacy forever be changed. The OnStar system was a road paved with [...]

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Auto Dealers Beware: Big Brother is Looming

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Published May 13, 2010, Los Angeles Daily Journal - In some of the most sweeping legislation to hit Capital Hill in years, Senate Financial Reform Bill “S. 3217” is about to change the financial industry’s landscape for good.  And, that’s not welcome news for everybody. Acting in response to the 2008 financial market meltdown, the Senate is set to [...]

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