Warranty Availability Before Sale

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Published May 23, 2019, Dealer's Voice -Dealers today have hundreds of consumer products that they offer for sale that have a manufacturer warranty. Retailers typically rely upon the product manufacturers to provide customers with all the terms of warranties, but they should keep in mind that federal law places the burden on the seller to offer [...]

Automated Voicemail Drops: Grey Area in Federal Law

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I have observed over the years that third-party vendors in the retail automotive industry show a great deal of ingenuity in coming up with “new” and “innovative” products that are purportedly not subject to regulation by federal or state agencies. One that is currently making the rounds involve ringless voicemail drops that are exempted from FTC [...]

Tesla’s Federal Showdown

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Published May 8, 2014, Los Angeles Daily Journal - For thousands of automotive dealers across the United States, the dealer franchise system is as sacred as they come. Established at the turn of the 20th century as the mechanism for automakers to distribute their products to the masses, U.S. dealers have served as the blueprint for how cars [...]

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