Generation Forward

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Published November 4, 2015, Los Angeles Daily Journal - There once existed a time when automobiles were the embodiment of society’s love of freedom. Cars represented more than ordinary utility. For many, they were the fundamental expression of personal choice, where personality reveled in the freedom to pick up and go. Few can forget James Dean’s love [...]

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Will Oil Become Extinct?

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Published April 4, 2011, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Twenty-one million barrels.  Crude oil, that is; or more specifically, the amount of crude oil the United States consumes on a daily basis.  What is surprising about this is not that most of our supply comes from foreign sources – that is a fact adopted by all but the [...]

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Electric Shock!

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Published September 7, 2010, Los Angeles Daily Journal - Last Wednesday, the latest entrant to the burgeoning electric car market went on sale, the cleverly-named Nissan Leaf.  Rallying around claims of saving the environment and helping the nation rid itself of its dependence on foreign oil, consumers lined up in droves to buy the new commuter car.  In fact, [...]

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