A Development in Progress

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Last month, two U.S. citizens lost their lives to autonomous vehicles: Elaine Herzberg, who was struck by a self-driving Uber in Tempe, Arizona and Walter Huang, whose autonomously driven Tesla Model X hit a freeway concrete divider in Mountain View, California. The two incidents ignited a fiery debate on the issue of autonomous vehicles, and their [...]


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Newport Beach, California (January 18, 2017) – MLG Automotive Law has filed a class action lawsuit against technology giant Apple Inc., seeking to enjoin the company from selling further iPhones until it installs texting and driving safeguards. The lawsuit, Julio Ceja v. Apple Inc. (Case No. BC647057), was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. [...]


Texting and Driving: Public Enemy No. 1

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It has migrated from a menacing problem to a full-blown epidemic of national importance: Texting and driving is the single most deadly thing one can do behind the wheel of an automobile. For decades, scores of marchers repudiated drinking and driving, with full community support. Virtually every state has stiff intoxication laws designed to stomp out [...]

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Stop Sale Orders on Used Vehicles: The New Dilemma

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Over the last 18-months, we have entered what could be deemed the era of the recall. NHTSA reports that 2014 was a record breaking year for recalls, with more than 800 recalls, effecting nearly 64 million vehicles. These numbers are not slowing in 2015. 2015 finds NHTSA cracking down on manufacturers who fail to timely issue recalls. In May 2014, NHTSA announced it was [...]

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Getting It Right

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Last week, a senate committee passed legislation that promises to revolutionize automotive safety. The bill gives whistleblowers who report automotive safety issues to the federal government 30 percent of all fines paid by the automaker that exceed $1 million.   The Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Act (S.304) was introduced by U.S. Sens. John Thune, R-S.D., and [...]

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Year of the Snake

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To be sure, 2014 will be remembered as a year the world changed — the year that honest disclosure gave way to raw deception; the year that automakers challenged our belief in all that is right and just.   The crisis began with General Motors’ admission on Feb. 7 that it had been concealing an ignition [...]

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The Shocking Truth

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On July 9, 2010, an Alameda County jury returned a verdict of $15 million against Enterprise Rent-A-Car for the tragic death of Raechel and Jacqueline Houck, two sisters in their early 20s who had rented a defective car from the company. The Chrysler PT Cruiser they were driving experienced a power steering fluid leak, which caught [...]

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The Company Without a Soul

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Last week, General Motors announced the establishment of its “victim compensation fund” — a pool of money that it will offer to the scores of people it killed and maimed over the past 10 years with its defective products. The underpinnings of the plan rest on GM’s company-wide cover up of an ignition switch defect that [...]

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