Will They Make The Turn?

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There once existed a time when the financial question of the day was whether Tesla’s stock would ever fall from its dizzying height of $395 per share. For a car company that only sold its first car nine years ago, and that has never turned a profit, it was a legitimate question.   Now the question [...]

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The Truth About Lithium

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Lithium – the natural resource mined from the Earth’s crust – is perhaps the best-known commodity that people know the least about. Yet with multiple sovereign states betting their future on an industry bustling with electric vehicles, failure to understand the world’s order on the non-renewable element could prove fatal. Originally discovered in 1817 by Swedish [...]

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Phantom Stock

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Tesla, Inc. — the famed electric car company named after Serbian physicist Nikola Tesla — has done what many considered to be the impossible: It has become the most valuable car company in the nation. Last month laid witness to Tesla’s stock surge to $314 per share, resulting in a market capitalization of $51.3 billion, and [...]

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Swimming in a Sea of Oil

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Last year the U.S. achieved a goal long considered unapproachable: It surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s largest producer of oil. At 12.5 million barrels per day, the U.S. now extracts more oil than any of the OPEC countries, and more than Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar combined.   It wasn’t always this [...]

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