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7 Biggest Mistakes

We have the expertise and experience to keep you from getting hit a second time when insurance tries to sideswipe your claim.

Learn the 7 deadly mistakes people make following an accident:
  1. Not filing in time! There are various statues of limitations in force.
  2. Assuming you can’t afford to hire MLG. No recovery, no fee!
  3. Not keeping your car. Preserve all evidence; your insurance will not.
  4. Not going to the doctor or letting an EMT examine you at the scene.
  5. Failing to keep records. Evidence such as photos & video are critical.
  6. Hiring a PI attorney. We’re defect experts. It may be the car’s fault.
  7. Not doing your research. Whomever you choose, choose wisely.

Our video series, “The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make After Getting Injured in an Accident” goes into detail with each mistake. #1 is #1 for a reason so even if you feel overwhelmed, recognize the clock is running and reach out to MLG immediately.

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