WHY we do it

Every person in life needs a goal. Our goal is simple: To be the best lawyers in the world – and we make it happen.

As experienced trial lawyers, we think differently than most. We see opportunity where others see defeat. We strive to disrupt the status quo, questioning everything on our journey. If the law produces an unjustified result, we believe the law should change. If convention disagrees with us, we believe convention should change. We are contrarians. We are agents for change.

We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence. If we are only good, we have failed. If we come in second place, we have failed. We see good as the enemy of great. We find expectations to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. We will be the best trial lawyers because we choose to be.

We lead by inspiring, and we have a team of inspired thinkers. We are proud of our brand, and we take nothing for granted. We grow as the world grows. We learn, question, evaluate and implement – all so that we can become better at serving an industry that has captured our hearts.

Passion changes everything. Passion creates effortless strength. It generates a bond between man and device that can seldom be broken. Our passion for our industry defines us, and it is the reason we never, never give up. We are passionate about what we do. We are MLG.

WE HAVE FILED some of the LARGEST automotive defect cases IN THE COUNTRY

TRW Airbag Control Unit Defect
Airbag Control Unit Defect
GM Ignition Switch Fraud
VW Emissions Scandal
BMW Range Extender Defect
Maserati Child Lock Defect
Apple Texting and Driving

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